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Dear Mark,

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent work that you, Carlton, Scott, and Craig did to help me implement a complex radio repeater system at the Oak Point plant, with no hassle to the plant operation.

The entire project needed to be handled in a tight time frame. There were complex details that were handled expeditiously and installation glitches, beyond your control, were handled with ease. This is a great testimony to the professionalism and character of your brilliant organization.

Your expertise with radios, knowledge of FCC rules and regulations, and expertise with equipment installation details were invaluable assets to me. My coordination efforts would have been severely hampered without your guidance. I cannot thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction to successfully accomplish this complex task…on time!

Craig and Scott brought a treasure chest full of radio equipment knowledge and practical hands-on installation experience. In the planning stages, Craig was instrumental in helping us “spec-out” a system to meet our requirements.

The installation was a great example of “dodging a lot of bullets” on the “front line”. Craig and Scott accomplished the goal in spite of all the resistance from the “enemy”. They both have great radio electronics expertise and have the ability to “think on their feet” and work around problems in the field. Without their abilities, drive, and determination, the implementation would have been delayed because of equipment that was damaged in shipment. My “hat’s off” to their successful installation of this complex radio equipment, in the field, under challenging circumstances.

Your receptionists played a vital role also. I learned to expect a cheerful greeting and the ability to reach the “right” person in a timely manner.

Please pass this message to Carlton and ensure that Craig, Scott, and the receptionists are congratulated, on my behalf, for a “job well done”.


Frank A. Giardina
Chevron Oronite Co., LLC
Oak Point Plant

Dear Mark:

I want to take this opportunity to “thank you” and the entire staff at TBA Communications for the excellent service we received and on a job well done.

The installation of the tower by Quality Tower was done with speed and efficiency with minimal down time to us. The programming of radios was done with the same standards and at all times these gentlemen kept “customer focused”. Their friendly and courteous attitude is what sets your company apart from all the rest. It is apparent that TBA excels in customer satisfaction.

Again, thank you. It’s been a pleasure having the opportunity to work with you and look forward to a long established relationship.

With best regards.

Darlene M. McCulla
Safety & Security Manager
The Westin Innisbrook Resort, Tampa Bay

Thanks for the wonderful service you provided to Channelside. I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future.

Irene Pierpont
Murphy Business & Financial Services, Inc.

Dear Mark, Again, I just want to say "thanks" for the help on expediting this order for us. It was a pleasure to meet you and hopefully we can also do other business with you and TBA Communications.

Scott Campbell
Entertainment Sourcing
Universal Studios, Orlando

Mark, I would like to take a moment to Thank you and your staff for the very good service that I have gotten from Kelly, Melanie & Michelle when ever I call to deal with them. They are always courteous and helpful. It is a pleasure to work with them. Your field tech's Scott, Brian, David, and Greg are very well trained in their craft. They always give the best service and are very helpful with any questions I may have about the equipement. Your entire staff are a credit to your Leadership.

Hal Peryea
TECO Energy

Dear Mark,

This is just a note of appreciation from a satisfied customer regarding the recent successful installation of the IP radio link between our Alpharetta, GA Control Center to the Kinder Morgan facility at the Port of Tampa. I am fully aware that this was not a typical application, and we are very satisfied with the results.

David Ward did an excellent job in managing the project and keeping me abreast of the progress as it was achieved. His attention to detail and his professionalism helped me to realize that “customer service” is alive and well at TBA. We look forward to other similar projects in the near future.


John A. Stephens
Senior Systems Engineer
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners