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When you are looking for dependable communications for your event at a price that fits your budget, TBA Communications is the source for you!  With friendly staff, highly trained systems technologists, and state of the art equipment, you can always count on us to ensure the success of your event communications.  We realize that having equipment in excellent working order is just as important as the treatment you receive as a client.  We vow to always exceed your expectations with superior customer service.

As a Motorola Authorized dealer since 1991, we have decades of experience and have proven ourselves as a reputable company within the communications industry nationwide.  Our national rental clients include:   festivals of all types, catering, event planners, security, emergency response, marathons, charity galas, production companies, sporting events, cruise ship events, and much more. 

In addition to our standard radio equipment, we also own local towers which can provide wide-area coverage throughout the Tampa area for those that may need city or county-wide coverage.  It’s a perfect solution for taxi and limousine companies, as well as events that are being held in multiple venues throughout the city where site leads need to keep in touch.

TBA Communications can handle whatever communications no matter how large or small.  We believe that every client is an important client and deserves the best equipment and service we can offer.  Call or email us today for a non-obligatory quote for you next event!

Rental Solutions

Choose TBA Communications and Motorola for all of your two-way radio rental needs. We know you have enough to worry about, with our reliable radios and experience we have the know how to put your mind at ease.

Rentals Solutions

Rental Equipment

TBA Communications maintains a large Motorola two way radio rental fleet. Our two way radio rental fleet includes CP185, CP200, HT750, PR400, HT1250, DTR550 and CDM1550LS. Intrinsically safe two way radios are available.

Rental Equipment

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Need a short-term or long-tern rent? Contact the experts at TBA Communications for more information.

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